New Knitpicks sock yarns

I can’t find if/where this has already been posted, so I’ll post. By now you all have probably seen their new Risata yarn.

They’ve also just released this one with long stripes called Felici

Not as cheap as most of their other stuff, but still a pretty good deal. I’m waiting til I hear reviews, though. Oh, and til I have money. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, looks like a purchase may be in order.:teehee:

ditto. can’t wait til i can order some.

Woohoo! My fingers say thank you. My credit card, on the other hand says boo!!!

:inlove: yum… they both look nice. can’t afford it right now tho.

I had seen the Risata but not the striped yarn. Love it. Thanks for sharing!

Thanks! I had also only seen the Risata. I think some buying might soon be in order…

I had only seen the Risata and ordered some :teehee: Now, another sock yarn to go to the trouble of ordering :shock:

I had only seen the Risata and ordered some

Would you give a little report on it, please, once you get it?

I saw the rista, too, but was surprised by the felci. Looks like KP is beginning to figure out that they price their stuff too cheaply.

I just ordered some Sierra for a man’s sweater. Their site said that they were renaming it in the fall with new colors. Do you suppose that means higher prices, also?

Those new sock yarns arent appealing to me colorwise. Maybe they will look different in person…

I will report on Risata once I recieve mine!

I should receive my Rista today.
Wish I would have known about Fleci! I want some of that too! I will order that next time I have an order big enough for free shipping.

Oh great…more sock yarn! :teehee: I really like the Felici firefighter. The clay would make a nice sock for the fall as well…nice fall colors.