New KNITPICKS Options Accessory!

Oh how I love NEEDLE WARS!

KnitPicks has now launched theCONNECTOR that Addi Clicks includes in their set of interchangeables! I was wondering how long it would take KP to add this useful little item to their Options! :teehee:

Very modestly priced, too! Just $1.99 for a set of 3, plus a key.

Oh how I love NEEDLE WARS!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Needle Wars forces THE GREATS to get greater! This is ALL GOOD for us knitters! :thumbsup:

I really need these ! So if my math is correct, I only have to spend $48.01 to get free shipping. easy-peasy !!!

Yup…the next time I order yarn…I will order AT LEAST $48.01 of yarn, added to the $1.99 for these little connectors…to total $50 for free shipping! Yay!

Who’d wanna pay $6+ in shipping for $1.99 thingies? :teehee:

I used the connector in my Addi Clicks set the other night. It’s a real handy-dandy little thing. And not just to make two cords into a longer cord. I used it to transition from a 24" cable cord to a 32" cable cord.

Now I am waiting for Addi to add END CAPS to their set! :tap: I do use KnitPicks END CAPS a lot!

OMG OMG OMG OMG Sooooo super excited!!!

Great, I was wondering where I was going to find taps to make my own.

Kind of what I was thinking.

Moths have eaten my wool hat so a wool sweater is probably out.

I agree with yall on the $48.01.

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That add for the anklets kit is talking to me right now…imma go browse. maybe. lol

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: I saw these the other day. They are the coolest little do-dads. I will be ordering some soon. Makes the interchangables that much better.

Good call lissaplus2!!! I try to do that everytime I order from KP :o)

Thanks for the heads up, Artlady! I was wondering when they’d come out with these doohickeys. And I am totally there on the $48.01 for free shipping. :slight_smile:

I already have some long cables, so I’ll use them mainly for switching cable sizes. So much easier than switching stitch by stitch!

Wondered when you were finally going to get them over there. I’m waiting for a package from Get Knitted today that will complete the set of KP Harmonies, including the extra sizes of cables and these little doohickeys, that I’m giving away on my website for the KAL for Knit A Square. I’ve also ordered two of the acrylic needle stands, since they were on sale. I may just keep one for my Options set, keep the extras in a case, and put the other stand in the prize along with the knitting bag, yarn, and needle set…

ah you United Statians…it is nice you get free shipping over $50…

I would love that extension! Oh well…I just need to spend over $20 to get $8.99 shipping instead of $7.99 shipping…so a decent sized order makes it worth my while!

Don’t ever worry about shipping charges from KP. The most you will ever have to pay is $3,99. Check their shipping charges chartfor details.

I was looking at teh Addi-Clicks interchangeables yesterday and sighing, as I will when my husband is around so he knows what I want. Now it goes up on my “I WANT” list that makes its way to his desk a few times a year :wink:

Oh MAN!! I just put an order in with them last week!!! I totally would have ordered them if I had seen them :frowning:

Who taught you how to shop? :wink:

I just noticed those connectors, too. The Denise cables have always connected; I was wondering when these would too.

I’ve only got a few cables and about 5 sets of needle tips - which has me researching storage options and also is making me want a full set.

I got the Knit Pro Deluxe set for Christmas and bought those connectors the week after…it really came in use when I ended up with 1600 stitches knitting a Potato Chip Scarf :slight_smile: