New Knitpicks catalog out

I just received Knitpicks new catalog in the mail. Looks like they’ve got some exciting new yarns and buttons!

Whoops, been meaning to update my address, but it’s only been 2 weeks. Will have to take a look online.

Just got mine in the mail, it’s a yarnie’s dream! :inlove:

I got mine this week and LOVE it!!!:woot: Now I just wish I could afford something from it!!!


Perhaps it is just in my nature to be difficult, but I seem to only be in luuuurve :inlove: with the discontinued colors! KP Catalog, you are such a dirty tease!

That they are!

You [I]can[/I] buy their discontinued colors from their website until they’re all gone…Just call me a tease!:roflhard: