New Kniterr - why is the last stitch so big

I just joined today so you’ll have to forgive me for asking a question that has probably been answered a million times.

I love knitting and I am really new to this. My problem is the last stitch on every row tends to be big! I try to tighten it but honestly the stitches are big. I’ve been told it’s a tension issue, I’ve tried a few things. I am open to evry and all suggestions. Also, if you want to direct me to other threads and websites that is cool too.

Thanks in advance.

When I taught a lady how to knit, I noticed that her last stitch was loose because she was holding her needles too far apart from each other when knitting the first stitch of every row (which will be the last stitch of the next row). Once she perfected knitting the first stitch of every row tightly in conjunction with holding the needles a little closer together, the stitch wasn’t so loose.

I hope that helped a little …

I agree—
When you notice that last stitch is loose, make sure that you begin the next row by tightening that first stitch as soon as you insert the needle into it. Try it, you’ll see. :smiley:

Oh, this should help me too. I also have the big stitch problem. This is probably the reason my edges look like crap still…LOL.