New kniter help please?


I’m pretty new to kniting, and started a cardigan for my son. Some things I have figured out and all ready this site has helped a lot. So thanks for that, but I am having an issue with the lace chart. It’s a little confusing to me. All though I’m sure it’s simple I can’t seem to figure it out. If anyone could take a look at the pattern and see if they could give me some assitance I would greatly appreciate it.

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And here is the link :cheering:


Well, besides the link, we need to know what you’re having a problem with.

It’s basically on the RS k2 * ssk, yo k1, yo k2tog, k1 * and repeat everything between the *s until the end. Then purl on the WS row.

Straight up purl on the wrong side rows? That’s pretty much what I need to know, just the box was throwing me off.

Yep, the plain boxes are knit sts on the RS, and purl sts on the WS. A chart is a diagram of what the knitting looks like as seen on the RS,

Thanks you soooo much! I had no idea that was what the chart was for, knowing that it is the view from right side makes a world of difference. So that would make the verticle line the key for the stitches?

Yes, the single column is the symbol key.

Thanks again, you were a great help. I almost gave up on this one.:muah: