New Knit Picks Order

So I got back from vacation and since I didn’t find any great yarn store to go crazy in I decided to place a knit picks order.

I got the chart keeper…I haven’t used charts before but I’m loving it on my patterns.

2 skeins of Bare…I see koolaid dying in my future
2 balls of Suri Alpaca in falling leaves…I’m thinking a shawl for Grams for Christmas…not sure which one
3 skeins of Main line
3 skeins of Shine Sport…DD has requested a tank with this one…

Oh and some size 1 DPNs…I WILL try socks soon!!!

Lovely, lovely, lovely, Steph!!!

I just got big order from KP last week, myself. Don’t you just love when the doorbell rings and a box is there? My mail lady was nearly as excited as I was. :teehee:

Wow— the shine is gorgeous-- the pictures on KP website don’t do it justice :slight_smile:

It was more like…I was at work my IM pops up on my screen with DH saying “What did you order now”

Me"What do you mean?"
DH: “$57.28 Knitpicks”

So the mail lady dropped it off at the house then he ran to the computer to check the bank account!!! :slight_smile:

Just wait till he sees the Ball winder (though he wants this too as he is sick of holding my hanks while I wind)
And there is this BIG Lot of stuff I want from Webs…gotta get the 25% :slight_smile:

:chair: :roflhard:

Beautiful yarn! You should tell your DH to price comparable stuff at the LYS, then he’ll be thanking you for saving all that money!

:thumbsup: Exactly! It’s not money spent, it’s money saved. And money saved is money earned! Right?

You didn’t spend money, you earned money!!! :roflhard:

Beautiful yarn!!

Beautiful!! Ordered from knitpicks with some birthday money, that I hadn’t yet spent. So luckily, this order will be guilt free. Now all the other orders…well, that’s a different matter all together. :roflhard:

No, actually, my husband is pretty understanding. He never has complained, so I try to be good during times that funds are running low.