New Knit Picks catalog is here!

October issue. Man, I have no money but it sure is fun to droll over it sort of like the Sears Christmas Wish Book :happydance:

Dude, I know the feeling. I recently got the Vogue Fall edition. I’m yet set to get the yarn I’d need for that coat in there, but yes yes … drooling over it is quite enjoyable… :drool:

Any new yarns for Fall in the KP catalog???

My friends at KP emailed me and said it was being shipped & for some reason, I’m always among the last to get my catalog (or so it seems :wink: ) I have been told that there are some good surprises and that’s all that she would tell me, big teaser!

I didn’t see any new yarns, but they have many new patterns, both free and for sale. I bought the Aran pattern but I wish they’d have included a view of the front in the catalog. :mad:

I didn’t get mine yet… :frowning:

You’re not alone!

Is there still a link from KH to KP? I want to order some of the patterns but figured I’d do it through here, but I couldn’t find a link.

I want everything. There’s a beauty of a basketweave poncho that I just love and a purple zippered vest in a fair isle pattern to die for. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my pocketbook), I need plus sizes and they usually don’t come that way and I don’t think I’ve the ability to resize the patterns.

Has anyone ever used WOTA for anything beside felting? I just love the feel of it and working with it. Wonder how it would knit up in a regular item?

There’s a link on the free patterns page. There’s a pretty one that pops up, too, but I never notice where.

yeah if you just keep refreshing until the banner changes on the forums you should come up with the knitpicks ad. if yuo don’t see the banner ad you need to turn your ad blocker off for this site.