New Knit 1 Mag out by vogue - The Men Issue!

I snatched the new Knit 1 mag today and I really like some of the stuff in there. There will always be things I don’t like, but I really like what I do like. Not everything is for men either. Vickie Howell (host of Knitty Gritty) is the new columnist and taught a current SNL comedian how to knit (I don’t watch that show anymore, so I have no idea who that guy is.)

I can’t wait til I have the time and energy to start some of this stuff!

Although, I have to admit, there’s more sweaters and hats in there, so I’d breeze through it before buying it if you’re unsure about it. It IS a winter issue though, so no wonder, right?!

I suggest checking it out or at least the website, I’ve liked something in all three issues so far and plan on subscribing. And of course, it is geared towards the teens and twenty-somethings, but if you’re a kid at heart, … er… teen, then go ahead and get it :-p I’m not the typical teen, by far, but some stuff was really cute and cuddly lookin.

I saw this at the store the other day… I put it back because it I don’t know anyone who would wear that stuff!!!

I really liked the ice princess stuff…the homespun/funfur jacket especially, and a few other things…but then I’m 19 lol.

My kids would LOVE the faux bear rug, lol!

Oooh, I just found the fashion preview. I really like the men’s sweater with the elongated stitch sections. And the idea behind the jean skirt thing (though I don’t really like the end result but I have been known to adapt things…shhhh)