New kitty!

Beautiful kitty. She looks so deep in thought, so wise, almost otherworldly.

She looks like she understands the meaning of the universe and everything and why 49 is the answer.

Wow! Her eyes are so pretty! She is a gorgeous cat!

Oh I love cats and she’s gorgeous! We have 2, though I wouldn’t even know what to guess as the breed, though they both seem to fit the calico type. One is white with a few large black spots and a bit of light brown/tan on one ear. The other is black/brown with the tan and a bit of orange-ish color. Momma Kitty the white one loves to be petted and will paw at you also “pick” with her claws for you to pet her. Patches is 2 ton tiny that doesn’t mind walking over you, but neither cat likes to be picked up.
If I could get more, I would.

It’s Caturday! Here’s the lovely Bella posing!

Perfect! She definitely knows she’s on camera.

Very cute, Looks like my cat too :heart: :heart:

I thought you might like a glamour shot of my daughter’s family’s cat. They are sure is part rag doll. He’s big and not done getting bigger yet.

Aww! He’s pretty! Where is he laying? Bella loves to lay on her back all stretched out, too. She’s laying on my night stand right now.

I think that’s the exercise machine he’s holding down. My granddaughter took the picture and put it on FB, she said I could share it.

Your kitty is so pretty. I really like the composition of your photo. Very nice, professional looking.

It looks veru cute. I have one last year, but until now, my cat never go home…:teehee: