New kitty!

Meet our new rescue kitty, Bella! She’s a big, blue eyed Ragdoll mix! I think she must weigh 15 lbs, but I’ll know more after her vet visit. I’ve had cats all my life and she is the friendliest, most lovable cat I’ve ever had. She and the dog are getting along well, too. She’s taller than he dog BTW. :lol:

She looks so sweet! Glad she found a great home!

What a sweet kitty. The rag doll mixes get large as I understand. My daughter’s family has one they rescued. He’s got the longest legs and just goes as limp as spaghetti when he’s picked up; it makes him look ridiculous. :teehee: He weighs in around 12 lbs. currently but is still growing.

Ragdolls can get very large, but a mix could go either way of course. We had a purebred Ragdoll, but she never got over 8 lbs for some reason so this is a novelty! Don’t they have the softest fur? Bella goes pretty limp, too. It is funny!

Oh, yeah, when I actually got to pet Simba he was soooooooo soft. He seems to have some serious vision problems and will bite if your hand comes at him just wrong so I let him approach me. Other than that, he’s a real lover and funny too. One of his favorite things is for somebody to spin a box or laundry basket he’s in.

Oh that is funny! Never heard of that game for a cat!

What a sweetie! So good of you to get a rescue cat too.

Congrats on the new addition. She’s adorable.

I am a dog girl myself (very allergic to cats) and have always had 60+lb labs, shepherds and mixes so hard to envision a cat being taller than a dog !!

Bella has rezoned the side table. It is now a Nap Zone so coffee need not apply. :lol:

She can be a cup cozy. She’ll curl up around it and keep your coffee warm.


I can just see you taking coffee in a go cup with kitty wrapped around it. :rofl:

I was actually thinking a travel cup might be the way to go. This morning I was eating yogurt which she wanted so she was walking back and forth over me and I had a yogurt bowl in one hand and coffee cup in the other. #lifewithcats :lol:

Also…I just bought Bella a nice bed. So she’s again on the side table and the dog is in the cat bed. #lifewithpets :roflhard:

Kids. They never want their own stuff. What to do with them? :teehee: I can just picture you juggling yogurt bowl, coffee cup, kitty. If it gets cold just hang her round your neck for a neck warmer.

That would probably work since she’s so limp when you pick her up. :thumbsup:

I’m so glad that such a lovely cat found a lovely home.

your cat is so cute:heart:

My cat loves the Apple “cat fishing 2” app! Will post video tomorrow if I can!


Forgot about the video, but have a good picture of her face with those beautiful eyes!