New KH Stash Tab!

Due to popular demand Amy and I have added a Stash tab to the navigation. Hooray! Under Stash you’ll find the ads for all our current KH advertisers. Buying from our sponsors helps to support our work on this web site.

Also, we are now accepting ads for the Stash page. If you run an online store and want some visibility on KH you might want to consider advertising with us. The rates for the Stash page are affordable priced at $50/month for a 240 x 150 business card sized ad. And since we are mid-month, if you book for February we’ll include the remainder of January at no additional cost. For more info, click on the advertising info link on the Stash page or send me a PM.



[I][B]Love[/B][/I] the new tab! I checked it out as soon as I saw the header. And, Sheldon, your sig cracks me up :chair:


Very cool!

There’s been a couple of times (in the short time I’ve been a member) that I want to go back to an ad I had seen before and I didn’t know how to look for it.

I love the new tab!

This is a great feature!! This makes shopping so convenient for all of us. Thanks!

Thanks everyone! Hopefully we’ll have some more yarn stores highlighted under the Stash page soon. Currently, the ads on the page are just our premium forum/video sponsors and it looks a little scant. I know they’re out there somewhere!