New KH Shop and Interchangeable Needle Sale

Hey Everyone,

Amy and I are excited to announce that we’ve launched a new version of the KH shop. Come take a look!

The KH shop is a fantastic way to support, while scoring some snazzy knitterly fixings as well as books and DVDs. The new store has some new features like an simpler checkout, wish lists, gift certificates, and coupon codes.

In related news, we are now stocking 3 different [B]Knitter’s Pride interchangeable kits[/B]. In celebration of this new line, we a offering them with free shipping (within the US only), and if you use the coupon code [B]KPRIDE5[/B] you will receive an additional 5% off the kit price. This coupon expires after Sunday.

We are also offering free shipping on our Pink and Blue Denise Kits. All the needles we sell in the store are located here:

The Knitter’s Pride kits are very nice and Amy and I are planning on putting together a video review of them in the next couple of weeks.

Thank you.


So when will you start selling yarn? :roflhard:

Free shipping. 5% discount. Play fair, Sheldon! :slight_smile:
Enabler is right. Knitting codependent. Give me time I’ll think of something else! :mrgreen:



Oh, it’s coming. We have a bunch of Berkshire (a Valley Yarn line offered by Webs). It’s been Amy’s favorite lately and she’s been using it in the videos we’ve been shooting. I need to start selling it before she uses it up. Maybe having yarn in our office wasn’t such a good idea after all. :mrgreen:

We’re just working out the logistics. Being able to offer yarn kits was part of the motivation with the new store.

Add [I]Speed Demon Service[/I] to your list of enticements. I just got the email, the order I placed this morning has already been shipped. Show offs. :stuck_out_tongue:

ETA I can’t believe I forgot to say [I][B][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“DarkOrchid”][FONT=“Franklin Gothic Medium”]Thank You![/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE][/B][/I] as that was the purpose of the post in the first place.

It took only two business days for me to get my Denise and I live in Colorado!

I tried to order the sampler, but there was a problem. Don’t know if if was due to PayPal or being on my iPad. I order all the time from here though so who knows. I’ll try from my computer.

Update - Didn’t work on the computer either. I sent an email per the error. Paypal is easier, but I can just do the normal checkout for now if you prefer, Sheldon. Don’t want to make extra work.

My browser barfed and I couldn’t order after that. Hopefully Sheldon can email you a PayPal invoice, too.

OH! You’re [I]sooooo[/I] bad!!!

Nonetheless, thanks for this information. Darn it! I don’t need anymore needles, though!

And THANK YOU! We hope you love the Novas. They look great.

I always appreciate businesses that ship promptly. So whenever possible we try to get the order out the door on the same day. On most week days, orders placed before 1 or 2PM will typically make it out in the mail.

I think I tracked the issue down to a paypal address mis-match. If the address you enter in on the website doesn’t match what paypal has on file for you, paypal rejects the transaction. It’s frustrating because they don’t make it know to the customer that that’s the problem. Double check that the addresses are correct and match on both the KH shop and paypal. Hope that does the trick!

I’m not sure what happened when you tried to order. Paypal is a strange beast sometimes. But I’m glad we were able to work it out and get your needles to you. Thanks again!

These needles are AMAZING! EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE needs a pair. :mrgreen:

I think it may have been our network. Yesterday I bought yarn from knitpicks and had the same PayPal problem (mega slow loading etc.) I switched to 4G and it was fine. O.o

Note: I’m on my phone a lot! It’s a mini computer for me. I always have too many apps etc running, though I cleared the RAM memory or some jazz.

You’re not alone. About 1/3 of our traffic comes from phones and tablets. It’s amazing! I’ve done a lot to make sure the videos work for mobile visitors. But we still have a lot of work to do to make the site more mobile friendly overall.

I ordered the Knitter’s Pride Comby interchangeable Needle Sampler today from KH!

Had to switch browsers to get it to work for me, but yay! :cheering:

I got my needles today. Thank you.

I’m glad they arrived before the weekend for you. I hope you enjoy them.

And thanks again for ordering from us. :wink:

I’ve tried the Berkshire yarn and its very good.:thumbsup:

Amy loves it. She’s been using the yarn in all new knitting videos we have shot over the last few months.

We’re still trying to put together our Berkshire yarn, needle, & pattern kits. We’re looking at a couple of felted bag patterns and a scarf pattern to offer as summer projects. These kits are targeted towards beginners knitters. Our hope is to offer a simple and inexpensive way for new knitters to get everything they need to complete their first project and introduce them to the world of wool. Our last piece is getting the circular needles and any other notions.

I got my new needles today! Thanks, Knitting Help!

where are the knitters pride needles manufactured??

The Knitter’s Pride needles are manufactured in India. Same as Knit Picks Options. As far as I am aware, the only truly US sourced mass produced interchangeable needles are Denise interchangeable needles. There are some small scale handmade needles like daykcraft which are lovingly crafted in VT. But they are expensive and the wait time is typically over 6 months. Gorgeous needles though and they have a swiveling connector to prevent the needle from unscrewing during use.