New...just saying hi!

Hi everyone!

Just thought I’d say hi and do a quick intro. My husband and I live in Minnesota with our three children (ages 2, 4 and 6). Baby #4 is due at the end of July. They say it’s a girl, so we’ll see. My 6 year old son says it has to be a girl to continue the pattern…boy, girl, boy, girl.

So since I’m not busy at all (hee, hee), what have I decided to do? Learn to knit. My grandmother was always knitting socks and mittens for us. My mom has knit all of the Christmas stockings for her kids and grandkids, plus blankets for all of the grandkids. Just seems like the right time to get in on the “family tradition” and learn to do some knitting myself!

I started my first class last week, just learning some of the basics (practicing, but no real project). Next month I’m taking a beginner class that will involve knitting a pair of mittens. Plus I’ve been searching out easy patterns on the web to be able to start a blanket.

I LOVE all of the info available on this web site!

You do realize that knitting is a little like the Mafia, right? Once you’re in, you won’t be able to get out. It sucks you back in!

Anyway, welcome. I hope you love this site as much as I do, it has brought me such joy!

:smiley: Welcome, Lisa Kay :waving: I think that it’s wonderful that you have decided to carry on the family tradition :wink:

:waving: <-- me waving south
Welcome Lisa Kay! This a great place to find so early in your knitting career! As a mother of 7, I can attest to there ALWAYS being time to knit… especially when the lives of my kids are in mortal danger! :wink: Knitting and crocheting are my two main hobbies, and they are how I stay sane in all this insanity here!

Welcome! This forum is a great place for instruction and friendship with other like minds! :happydance:

Lisa Kay
I’m also from MN.I live close to the Iron Range up north.You are gonna LOVE this forum!!! Everyone is soooooooooo nice and helpful.I don’t know what I’d do without all these smiling faces.They can answer any question you have.Patterns,how to (Amys videos are amazing) what ever you want to know.And funny!!!This forum is a riot!!! Have fun!!!

Welcome, LisaKay. I learned to knit last year, and it has become my passion. :wink:

I have a good friend in MN, who I’m hoping to go and visit this summer. We were definitely going, but the escalating gas prices may require us to make other plans. :frowning:

Hey Lisa Kay! I’m a neighbor to the south! Although we get up to MN once a summer usually for our business. And I have four kids, boy, girl, boy, and girl too! Glad to see you here!

welcome to knitaholics anonymous :happydance: :XX: just wait till the sock mafia get you!

:waving: Welcome! :smiley:

Hi there, Lisa Kay! I am your sister weather-wise - I’m from Michigan. Come on warm weather! Welcome to the best group around :smiley:

Hey Lisa K…welcome!!! :happydance:

Pleased to meet you, LisaKay! Welcome to this great group of people. I’m fairly new here, but feel right at home. I have four kids, all grown up now, but they are boy, boy, boy, boy! And we have grandkidlets, boy, boy boy boy girl boy. Amelie Grace is our only petunia in this garden! We love all our boys, though, a huge amount. Again, welcome! samm

Hi there!

:waving: Welcome to the forum!!! Once you start those classes you are going to be amazed at how much you want to knit… and how you find the time… some while stop lights are red… most while waiting in lines or at doc offices… its very I mean very addictive :lol: