New Jordana Paige bag coming soon

It’s not really my style and even less my colors but I would think people will really like it.


Ooh I like it in pearl…

Oh my, that is so pretty! I like it in Pearl too. I can’t afford one now though…sigh.

i just saw that in her email. it’s not really my style either, but i love the way the inside looks. it’s amazing how she seems to get so much in such a small space when my knitting bags just keep getting bigger and bigger! :teehee:

ooooh, no, definitely not for me. the inside’s nice, but the outside, not so much.

:ick: Im not seeing myself loving that one.

All her bags look to heavy for me. Pretty, though I don’t care for that one linked.

Forget the bag! I want what’s inside!!!

well i have the cell phone that is in the bag, that i don’t use since i bought my new one. I will sell that to ya! :wink: :teehee: