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[color=red][b]Hi all,

I was given the name of this site by a gal on a meetup site in my city … my name is Toby and I live in Vancouver, BC having moved here from Newfoundland (I’m a native of Nova Scotia though but spent 18 yrs in NL) in November 2004 to marry my wonderful husband … I am a retired P.I. with three daughters.

I would like to find someone who would show me how to knit … actually I know the basics, I can cast on, knit and I think I can purl (!) … they say (although I am still trying to figure out who “they” are) that when you reach a certain age you start doing things you never expected to be doing … well, I think I’m at that age … a friend taught me how to knit in 1982 and I made one of those big bulky Lopi sweaters that were all the rage then … it was to fit me and ended up to be HUGE, somewhere around a 48 inch chest (I am a 36) … could have fit two people my size quite comfortably … my mom who had knit when she was younger but not since, redid it into something that fit and I wore the brown and yellow sweater for some time (I have no idea why) plus the toque she knit to match (with pom pom on the top … it’s a wonder I ever made any friends) …

I have bought a couple of small how to knit books but what I have trouble with is reading patterns, abbreviations and knowing how to do them … I learn best by having someone show me … then again, maybe it’s something about the social aspect that you just don’t get from the printed page … I mean the printed page can’t meet you at Starbucks or tell you what you are doing wrong …

Recently I started reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s book “Knitting Rules” and if you have read it, I am “Emma” in her book … didn’t do a guage swatch and ended up with something akin to a house cozy …

We are expecting our first grandbaby and I’d like to learn how to knit sweaters and blankets … I used to crochet but have semi forgotten. I have been making mohair teddy bears for 12 years and I also do cross stitch but now the bears take up most of my time … my hubby built me a bear studio in our home.

Happy to be here and looking forward to making some knitaholic friends.


Hi Toby & Welcome! :waving:

There’s lotsa folks here willing to help with questions. We’ve got GREAT & very knowledgeable moderators & knitters from everywhere!

Check the Knitters Knear You forum…who knows, maybe there’s someone here near YOU!

Happy Knitting,


Welcome to the forum!

Here’s a few ideas that you can try.

Go to your LYS (Local Yarn Store) and ask about classes. Most of them do have some so one doesn’t have them find another. This also a good place to meet other knitters.

Put a msg in our “Knitter’s Knear You” forum and see if there are other knitters nearby. You can also try the Knitter’s Review “Seeking Nearby Knitters” forum. It’s active and helped me.

Even if you can’t find someone locally there are many helpful knowledgeable people here in KH willing to help you out. Just ask questions in the “How-to Questions” forum and post photos if you can and we’ll help you out.

There are videos here in KH at the top of the page under the tabs and the glossary has just about all the abbreviations you’ll need to read patterns. Here is another site I found helpful when learning. I printed out the info I needed and had it next to me.
Lion Brand - Learn to knit

And remember…practice, practice , practice! :wink:

Welcome, Toby! Just a quick :waving: I wish I lived closer (I’m in Tennessee), I’d share my limited knitting skills. But like the others said KHers are a friendly group and love to share our knowledge. And Amy’s videos are the greatest :notworthy:


Hi Toby! Welcome to the forum!

[color=indigo]Hi there Toby! Im new to knitting too! This page has saved me many times and Im sure you’ll find it helpful as well. Congrats on becoming a Grandma. Im sure they’ll love your blankets and sweaters…Im half done my first baby blanket for my new neice or nephew and Im lovin’ knittin’! Enjoy and Happy Knitting![/color]

Welcome to KH!! :cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: Welcome to the forum!!