New(ish) knitter in trouble!


I’m a relatively new knitter - I’ve knitted scarfs but not shapes until now!
I’m knitting a monkey and am confused by the pattern an I wonder if anyone can help!

I have knitted the head, neck and body and am moving on to the legs.
I am starting with 28 stitches and the instructions say:

Cast off 3 stitches, knit 3(including stitches on needle after cast off), increasing in next stitch, knit 4, cast off 6 stitches (including stitch on needle after cast off), Increasing in next stitch, knit 7

Can anyone help me out?!?



When you cast off (BO) sts, there’s one left on the needle, so you would bind off 3 (only count the sts you lift over the other), then knit 2 more, kfb in the next st. This will give you 4 sts after the bound off one. Then knit 4, BO 6 sts, kfb and knit 7. Did you forget to put in something after ‘cast off 6’? It seems to me that you should have 7 sts there too before the kfb.

Thanks very much!

I did miss something - but it’s only knit 3 does that sound right?
I can’t believe that this is soo confusing (it’s designed for 8 year old :s )