New Interweave Knits subscribers

Have you received your magazine yet? When I subscribed, it said my first issue would go out February 20. Its still not here :pout: . Its killing me not to look at it when I am at LYS or the bookstore. Where is it?!

My subscription confirmation says it won’t be mailed until 3/22 :pout: but I’m keeping an eye out for it anyway.

It took me quite a while to get my first one. I remember being frustrated but it came about 2 weeks after it was already out on stands.

No, I don’t, and it’s making me CRAZY!! :hair: How come the mailing date is the 22nd (according to my email) if it’s on newsstands on the 20th? And WHY don’t I have it 6 days after it was mailed?? Poor us. :pout: :verysad:

I subscribed a couple weeks ago (?) and it said it would go out 3/9. I want it NOW!

I subscribed to 2 other knitting magazines in jan and it was killing me to wait also. One finally came last Saturday. Now to get started on some new projects.

I ordered on 2/14 and it says the first one should be mailed on 3/8.

OK, so obviously it just takes 3 weeks or so to get the order processed. I’m glad to know it’s that, and not that they’re trying to drive me slowly insane… :teehee:

I’m waiting too. The email said it will be mailed on 3/8.
At least I have company.

my subscription ended with the spring issue, when I checked the website, they had said that it had been mailed the 30th of January, and when I brought that up, they told me if I didn’t have it by 3/2 to send them a message, as yet, I still don’t have it. :grrr: I was thinking about not resubscribing, but they are, IMHO, the most consistent with patterns.

I’m waiting with you. my email sait it would send on 3/22. that’s still a lot of waiting. I really want to make the entrelac socks. mmm…

at least knitty should be up soon and I’ll have that to keep me company.

Spring 07 is the first of my new subscription. I subscribed on 1/25 via their website. Mailing date for the first issue said 2/15, and I just received it on Monday 2/26… AFTER my LYS has theirs in stock. I hope those of you still waiting will be pleasantly surprised soon!!

When I first subscribed, I waited and waited and waited. Then I figured I wouldn’t be getting the current issue that was in the stores, so I went and bought it myself. Bzzzzzt! Wrong! Next day, I got the issue. So now, I have 2. Same thing happened when I subscribed to Vogue Knitting. Patience is definitely the way to go.

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I subscribed in January, was supposed to be sent 2/22 and it has not yet arrived.

I’m not sure if I let my subscription lapse or what. I’ve seen it on the newsstand but haven’t gotten mine yet. This is my second or third year subscribing and I don’t think I’ve had a problem before. Then again, I have so many subscriptions and they send so many “final notices” even right in the middle of your subscription that I might have let it lapse…

:!!!: Mail came an hour ago- NO IK, NO pattern that was missing out of my order a week ago, NO magazine I swapped for on another board a week ago. :grrr:

I got mine today, so there’s hope! :pout: I’m sorry yours isn’t here yet.

I received mine yesterday! I was so excited…I’m sorry that so many haven’t gotten theirs yet :pout:, however, there is hope!!!

Yay, I finally got mine in the mail today, about a week after I thought I’d get it. It seemed like forever! I do hope the next issue comes sooner.

Still waiting… :nails: