New in North Carolina


I am in Asheville NC. I am new to this w-site, using a forum and returning to knitting. My sister taught me to knit many… years ago, and I have alot to re-learn.

2008 was a very challenging year for me and knitting has brought some peace back into my life. I have been working on a baby blanket to donate - good practice- I am going to be looking for a fairly easy sweater pattern(s) to knit for my soon to be 3 year old twin grandbabes (girl and boy) for next winter.


[COLOR="#300090"]I guess I’m the first to see your post. :slight_smile:

There are more of us [B][U]knitters in NC[/U][/B] if you follow the link to the existing thread you’ll see we streach across the state.

Thank you. I did find that thread and have noticed several in NC. I am possibly going to be going to Winston-Salem next week and hoping to check out Knit Picky - I read where some knitters been and there are good stuff to check out there.

Hi Stitchabit,

Ah…beautiful Asheville! The LYS in the Grove arcade isn’t too bad. I’m sure you’ve already checked it out. You’ll love Knit Picky.