New here :)

Hello, I’m Isabel. Been lurking here for a bit but I’m going to jump in with both feet!
My mom taught me the basics of knitting and crocheting when I was young, but I balked :aww: I dabbled in it for a while and then gave up.

Right before the holidays, I took up knitting again, and LOVE it! I needed to stop wasting my time while waiting at various appointments.

I will try not to ask too many questions…
This is a GREAT site with a lot of information and techniques! I even recently learned to knit in the round with circs as well as dpns :mrgreen:

Don’t hesitate to ask as many questions as you want–that’s what this site is for.

Oh, and welcome to KH and to knitting (again).

Hi. Welcome to KH. The folks here are great at helping, ask away!

Welcome to Knitting Help!

You’re welcome to ask all the questions you want. :thumbsup: At the top of each forum there are sticky threads with the most asked questions and/or ideas. Plus there is a glossary and videos linked at the top of the page. Those may answer some of your questions, too.

Hi there! Ask all the questions you want. Everyone here is friendly and wonderful! I hate to make it sound like a love fest but really, it is! :muah:

Thank you for the welcome :mrgreen:

Well said, bambi! :yay:

And welcome Isabel!

Welcome! Ask as many questions as you want. We all started out as beginners ourselves so we know what it’s like. The only reason we know as much as we do is that we either asked other people or figured it out for ourselves. This is what it’s all about: helping each other.

:slight_smile: I am also new here. My aunt taught me how to crochet when I was 9. My first crochet hook was a pencil with a knotch in it and a strand of yarn. I took classes in jr. high and have been knitting and crocheting since, mostly crochet. I recently found a knitting pattern for Prairie Boots and it had this website in it. I actually logged in to find out what “knitting in the round” means. I know how to knit but haven’t for a while and forgot what this term means. Could someone remind me, I think I know but I want to know for sure. Can someone also confirm what the “garter” stitch is? I think it’s knit 1, purl 1, is that right? Looking forward to meeting some people and enjoying some friendly conversation. Thanks :thumbsup:

Hi sweetpea. My first knitting needles were the wood sticks from my brother’s tinkertoys, sharpened in a pencil sharpener. I used my mom’s packaging string for yarn.

Garter stitch is when you knit every stitch on every row, or you can also purl every stitch on every row. If you knit 1 st and purl 1 stitch that can be ribbing, or it can turn into seed stitch. Knit 1 row and purl 1 row is stockinette. There’s videos for these basic stitches on the Tips page.

That’s when you knit flat. If you knit in the round, knitting all rounds gives you stockinette and if you knit one round and purl 1 round, yes you get garter stitch.

thank you suzeeq, that makes sense now. i remember now, I had the stockinette, garter & ribbing sts confused. I am glad u cleared that up for me. My project would have been confusing and I probably would have given up. Or it wouldn’t have turned out the way it is supposed too. I do appreciate that, thanks again. :yay: