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Hello Everyone,
I am new to this web page and it looks fun!:woot:
I have a question I posted on how to’s but maybe it can go here too.
I have a pattern that calls for dp’s which I want to change to circular, the size dp’s are 15. When using a circular do I use a size 15 too? And when the pattern calls to start out with 6 sts how do u form the circle? I was trying this all afternoon. Frustrating.

Thank you

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The How-to questions or here is fine, but this forum moves fast and it’s best to ask project questions in the other. :thumbsup:

There are lots of videos at the tabs at the top of the page and you can get more help at these links. I sometimes find it helpful to see two different tutorials when something is difficult. Sometimes I also prefer to have a print out sitting next to me. :wink:

Hey Kathy. Wouldn’t the circulars have to be extremely short to connect 15 stitches? I’m not sure, but isn’t that why you need to use dpns?

Hi, and welcome!:hug:
First of all, yes, you would still use 15s. That number refers to the diameter of the needles, so if you are converting from dpns to straight to circulars, etc., you would use the same number to keep the same gauge, meaning, the same stitches per inch, so that your project comes out at the size intended. The only thing is that if the needles are made from a different material, that can affect the gauge. So let’s say you’re getting 2 sts per inch with metal needles size 15. But if you switch to plastic size 15, that might make it 2.5 sts per inch, even though they are the same diameter. The different materials will grab the yarn differently and change the size of your stitches.

Now, as puddinpop said, if you are only casting on 6 sts, it would be impossible to use a circular, in the usual way (see below). When you use dpns, you ARE knitting in a circle, but you would put 2 sts on each of the 3 needles (and then work the sts with the 4th needle). But on a circular, the sts have to sit comfortably on the entire length of the needle, which is the length of the 2 needles plus the cable in between. The one exception to this, is a technic called Magic Loop. I don’t use it, but there should be a video on this site for it. So I don’t know if you can do it with such few stitches, and I know you have to have a fairly long cable for it. How long is your circular needle. And what are you making?

Making a hat. This particular pattern is very different and not in full detail discription. But it calls for dp’s and I just can’t grasp it been trying, but frustrated. So I thought I could use circs and tried the magic loop and finally got it with that, but as I kept on going, it just doesn’t look right from what the pattern says. I wish there was a place where I could enter a pattern and they calculate in laymans terms exactly step by step for this one doesn’t have it. This is the one I have to use too. If I don’t get it, then won’t work it for a sample for a company.

I have worked lots of patterns before knitting/crocheting but this one is so different.

There is a universal pattern generator for a hat, but I can’t think where it is. If I find it, I’ll post the link.

Can you post the pattern?

It sounds as if you have to use that particular one, but if you don’t, this is a really good standard hat pattern, and can be converted to circular knitting if you know how to do that: