New here!

Hi everyone!

I’ve been using this site since last fall, and I’ve taught myself to knit. I was actually able to make 80% of my Christmas gifts by knitting hats and scarves. My question is I have a new project that calls for Cotton Tape Yarn. I have found some but I wanted to know if there is a special way I need to cast on w/ it.

Normally I favor a long-tail cast on, but I sort of remember somewhere in my reading that there was a special way to cast on w/ cotton tape yarn and it looked similar to picking up stitches to put an ear flap on.

Am I completely off base here? Is there somethign special I need to do w/ the cast on for this or is it sut a normal cast on w/ a bulky weight yarn? TIA!

Hi, welcome to KH!! :yay:

I think it would be ok to go ahead with the long tail cast on :happydance:

I’ve no clue, but welcome to KH! :woot: