New here!

Hi, I am April!
I just found this forum today and so far I am lovin what I see!!!
I just started knitting again (I made one scarf about 5 years ago) a few weeks ago.
My Grandmother taught me the basic garter stitch, English style, but I am converting myself to continental :). I do both usually… which usually messes up the tension of my stitches, LOL.

I just made my second scarf, just plain garter stitch and now I am trying to do something a little more difficult – the scrunchable scarf!
I hope I do okay… I feel a little apprehensive!

Anyways, a little about myself…
I have four beautiful daughters - Katheryn is 7 1/2, Danielle is 5, Johanna is 2, and Alaina is 3 mos.
The older two are very interested in learning to knit… LOL… Although, I’m not ready to go there!

We live in NE… DH is in the Airforce. We are stationed at Offutt AFB, just outside of Omaha.

Oh - and last but not least, we have 2 cats… Wolfie and Benny (our only boys :slight_smile: )

That’s me in a nutshell!
I am so glad to be here!

Gorgeous babies. :slight_smile:

Welcome to KH! :cheering:

Welcome to the forum! :cheering:

Hi April! Welcome to the forum. It’s so much fun here, you’ll love it. Congrats on your new scarf! :cheering:

Welcome to our Friendly forum~! :cheering:

Welcome :hug: Go for that scrunchable scarf it is easier than it looks.

Welcome April :waving: Don’t be apprehensive, you’ll do fine and if it doesn’t work out the first time, hey it’s only yarn, frog it. Frogging can be a very satisfying act. You can always come here for help too.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx


typically I have 3 starts of a couple of inches on a piece that I am working on… if that helps :teehee: