New here


So glad I found this site. I’ve just started back knitting a few months ago after trying it when I was about 13 but could only make wonky triangles then. So now that I’m older and wiser LOL I decided to try knitting again. It’s wonderful! I made my first sock last week and am working on the other one so it will not be an orphan. I also tat which is a form of handmade lace made with very fine thread. So glad I found this site.

Hi Tara! Socks for a first project after wonky triangles?! I’m impressed! I’m glad you gave knitting another try!

Hi Tary! Welcome :slight_smile: This really is an awesome site and fun too. You can always get as much help as you need.

We’d love to see pictures of your projects over in Whatcha Knitting?

:waving: Hi and welcome!
I’m so impressed…socks right away…WTG :cheering: :cheering:

HI Tary! Welcome to the forum! WTG on the sock, that’s awesome :cheering:

Welcome to =D