New here!

Hi! Thought I’d finally introduce myself – I’ve been lurking on this board for quite some time now.

My name is Sharon. I’m originally from NYC, but am currently residing in MD thanks to the Air Force. You join to see the world, and you end up 3 hours away from home… :doh:

Anyways, I recently picked up knitting again. I’m like a smidgen above beginner, though. Not too much experience, but I’m not scared to try something new and mess it up. :wink:

I’m a new mommy – that’s a pic of my little monkey, Nia. She’ll be 4 weeks old on Thurs!! This is probably tmi, but I’m always on here in the wee hours of the morning hooked up to my pump. Moo.

Amy, your site is AWESOME! :cheering: It’s helped me out of a few jams. Thanks a bunch, yo!


When I was nursing (weaned last summer) I didn’t yet know how to knit…to think of all the time I wasted playing handheld Yahtzee when I could have been knitting!

Nia is beautiful! Welcome!! :mrgreen:

A big old WELCOME to Sharon and her pump!! :waving:

(hmm…I can’t seem to find a b-pump emoticon! :?? )

Nia is beautiful!! Congratulations! :heart:

Funny how tmi always gets the most attention huh :wink:

Were you referring to your little bambino as your “pump” or do you have to use an actual breast pump? Due to complications, I had to use a breast pump and it was like double duty. Feed baby first, then pump.

Your little Nia is very precious. Welcome!

P.S. Moo… :lol:

Kelly, I have one…LOL

Found it for a friend who pumps for TWINS…can you imagine?? Moo is right…

OMG, JULIE!! :roflhard:

LMAO Julie, thats great!

Welcome to the forum Sharon. Nia is beautiful!! Congrats on being a new mommy :happydance:

Thanks for the warm welcome. You guys crack me up. :lol: OMG, that emoticon is disturbing. :shock:

Yes, I use a pump. Nia is tongue tied, so bf’ing was just WAY too difficult. And, hubby and I are way too wussy to have her tongue snipped. Sooo, to the pump it is. I know it’s a pain, but at least she’s getting some boob juice. Hmmmm, maybe I will start using that disturbing emoticon after all…


:balloons: welcome, welcome :balloons:
look forward to getting to know ya’ll