New Here. Saying Hi!

Hi everyone:muah: ! My name is Bren and I am brand new to Knitting help. I’ve been knitting for over 10 years and spinning for about 6 months.
I am a die hard spinner and take time to spin almost every single day. I love the creative process. I dye about 80% of my wool but I do purchase from a few select and very talented dyers.

There’s a link to my flickr in my siggy so you can take a look at my spinning projects so far this year!!

Thanks for looking. It’s nice to meet everyone:heart: !!

Welcome to Knitting Help!

Welcome Bren!

For only spinning 6 months, your yarns are very professional looking! The yarn from the “never ending braid” … WOW!

take time to spin almost every single day

Well, doctors do tell us we should include fiber in our diet every day!! :roflhard:

:aww: Thank you so so much!! That means so much to me!! Oh gosh you gave me flash backs!! I thought I would never get that darn braid done:roflhard: !

Hi Bren, Can’t believe you have only been doing this for 6 months, well it will be 7 months now, looks great.

Hi there!

Looking forward to your forum submissions. Welcome!

Wow, what gorgeous yarn! Welcome to KH and many thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovely yarn.