New here - question about crystal palace circulars

My name is Susie and I just learned to knit around Christmas 2004. I am absolutely addicted and was thrilled to find 2 LYS in Chattanooga, TN (about 30 minutes from my house). I have a problem, though, and wondered if anyone else had experienced their Crystal Palace Circular bamboo needles coming apart. It seems that the glue just “let go” and both of the bamboo parts of the needles came out. I have only knitted a hat on these! And they’re not exactly cheap, either. Should I take them back or is there a glue that I could use to glue them back?

I would definitely take them back. I’ve never used that brand, but knitting needles are meant to last, they shouldn’t break apart after just one use. If you try to fix them first, you may have a hard time getting your LYS to accept them. Certainly call them and explain the problem. I would also write directly to the company that makes them. I have always had a positive response to complaints and often received a coupon for discounts on future purchases. My daughter complained about false advertising on a bead kit that she bought with her babysitting money and the company promptly sent her the promised product and an extra gift.

I second that emotion!

Well, I called the lys and the girl there told me to use super glue to glue them back and that the company is having a problem with the glue they are using, and has even sent out a letter to shops explaining the problem. I was kind of surprised to find she didn’t even offer to take them back. Oh, well. I’ll try the super glue, and if it doesn’t work, I’ll take them back.

I bought those same needles at a local knit shop in Porter Sq Cambridge MA (Minds Eye) and the owner warned me (not sure why I still bought them) but assured me a full refund if it happened and it did. I brought them back and she gave me a full refund. I wouldn’t try to glue them what if it happens later, I would return for a full refund.

Personally, I wouldn’t use super glue. I would take them back ASAP. and 100% before you use superglue I would talk too the owner of the LYS.

No, no, no…take them back to get a refund/replacement!!! You’re not responsible for fixing a manufacturer’s problem. Imagine your vehicle --steering wheel falls off-- and Ford said “oh just crazy glue it”!!! Widely different problems, same principle!!! :fingerwag:

I agree! Ask the LYS for a copy of the letter and the manufacturer’s address/email/phone number/whatever so you can call and complain to them as well. Call any and every person at the company thatyou need to, and write letters too; remind them that word of mouth spreads light wildfire, and say youhave recommended thatyour family and friends NOT purchase ANY product made by them. Asking a customer to use super glue to fix a manufacturing defect is an abhorrent reflection on their customer service: DEMAND that they replace your needles, and then call the BBB too.