New here, need help! LOL

Hi everyone, my name is Rene’. I started crocheting about 4 years ago, after many failed attempts to learn knitting. I love crochet, especially thread crochet, but my desire to knit never went away. I decided if I just apply myself and practice I could do it. I found out about the combined method of knitting two weeks ago, and the light finally went on. :slight_smile:

About a week ago I started on a practice scarf, then two days ago I made some fingerless gloves. Yay!

I’m using a book I got from the library called Weekend Knitting:

That is where I got the fingerless glove project. I’ve started another project from that book - a flower shaped washcloth. You can see pics of it at the Amazon link.

Anyway, the petals are knit seperately, then they are joined on a circular needle (or dpns) and then worked in the round, decreasing to the center. I don’t understand how to join them? It says to leave an 8" tail of yarn at the end of each petal - you do knot finish off the petal. Would that be for joining them, or just to weave in when it’s all done?

I’ll try to explain more if it’s not clear enough. Thanks in advance! I’ve got one petal done, and am working on the second. I hope to finish it in the next couple of days.

You can see a pic of the scarf I started at my blog, the scarf is now much longer. :slight_smile:

Welcome Rene!

I have this book and just took a look at the pattern. It appears that the tails are just woven in at the end. They’re probably left that long in the beginning so the first stitch of the petals don’t get pulled out. I’d probably knit the tail together with the working yarn in the first stitch of each petal to secure it, but that’s just me. It’s not necessary. When you’re done, weave in some of the tail–I don’t think you need to weave in all 8 inches.

So when I finish all 5 petals, and place them all on the circular needle, do I then attatch the “live” yarn to the needle with a slip knot and start knitting?

You don’t really need a knot. Start knitting with the working yarn. The first stitch will be a bit loose, but will tighten up as you knit and will tighten up even more when you weave in the end.

Another, better, way to do it is to start the first stitch with the working yarn and then knit the next couple with the working yarn and it’s tail. On the next round, there will be two loops in these stitches, but you knit them as one and the tail is very secure.

Thank you so much! I’ve got the second petal done, and started the third. I hope to finish it by the end of the week. :smiley: