New here - looking for a pattern for an Xmas stocking to put a 5lb preemie in for card pic

Hi everybody,

I have a friend who is about to have a baby who will be born at 4 lbs or so. She wants to do his birth announcement for Christmas and would like to put him in a stocking with his name on it and a hand kintted santa cap as well.

I found a pattern for a hat but am having trouble with sizeing so if you know of any santa cap preemie patterns with sizeing info that would be great.

I am also wondering about sizing a stocking pattern for a 5lb baby.

Any ideas?

Most appreciative,


Hi and welcome to KH!!

Sandy has a free preemie baby santa hat patternhere, you can change the fit by yarn weight :thumbsup:

Hereis a free stocking pattern with different sizes…You could adjust the cuff length and the foot length to the size you would need…

Thanks for the quick response. I found that wonderful pattern which is also how I found this website. It does not have a guage - it just says preemies come in all different sizes so if you donate the hat it will be used. I guess I need to figure out the appx circumfrance of a 5lb baby’s head and go from there? Hard to do from here - I am on complete bed rest myself and navigaing the web lying down is difficult…

Thanks so much I may just have to do it trial and error.


I found this websitethat gives some measurments that might help ya. :thumbsup:

:hug: I’m sorry to read that you are on bedrest. Good thoughts to you and your friend!

That is one cool site! Thank you so much for helping me find exactly what I needed. Yes 5-6 months lying down is brutal but will be worth it!

Thanks so very much!

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I’m not sure if you want just a large sock (standard garment sock) or one that has the other common shape of Christmas socks. Dustina gave you an idea for the standard one so here’s another idea or two.

My first daughter was born Dec.26th and they brought her to me in stocking that looked very much like this one.
That pattern is for a felted sock so it will come out huge. If you were to use a normal needle size it might come out the size you need.

Here’s a pattern for a Mini Christmas Sock that I designed that could actually made larger. It’s not made like a normal sock with heel flaps, gussets, etc so it’s pretty quick. Top make it larger you’d just cast on more stitches, knit for as long as you want the top, do more increases for the toe, knit longer over the toe before shaping the bottom. If you read it this might make more sense.

Here are some Santa Hats.

Whatever you choice is I’m sure it’ll be adorable and loved by the mother! Be sure to share some photos with us if you can.

Wonderful! Thank you. Great info and Jan your story is so meaningful. Can’t wait to finish!

I came to the right place for info!


Hi Maxy! :waving:
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I’m the one that designed the Preemie Baby Santa Hat. Here’s the direct link to the pattern:

Like the pattern says, you can use different weights of yarn to get the hat to be size small, medium, or large preemie.

The website that Dustina recommended is a great place to look for preemie sizing.

Good luck with your project, and I hope you get better soon.