New here...hi!

Didn’t see an intro section, so I’m posting my howdy-dos here.

I’ve knitted off/on since I was 9, but in spurts (sometimes these spurts have been separated by a decade!), but have gotten serious about it only since January of this year (when I last worked outside the home).

Just wanted to say hello from Alabama.

Hi. There’s an ‘Introduce yourself’ thread stickied at the top of the Generaly Knitting, but you’re fine to post here.


Hello back from AL:mrgreen:
Where are you? I’m in East AL on the GA side of Opelika/Auburn…

Hi and welcome to Knitting Help! :yay:

I didn’t start knitting till 10/2005 so I’m very late to the game myself.

Hi! Welcome to the neighborhood!:slight_smile: I started knitting when I was 9 too! ( I am 12 by the way!) hope ya have fun:X:

Hello from Alaska! I just got into knitting again a few years back after knitting in junior high (many years ago.)

Hi, I just joined recently. Am from Sydney, Australia, so am a bit far awayt from you guys. Am a novice with the computer, so I hope this reaches anyone. Maybe using the forum will help my skills.

I’m in Crawford (right outside of Phenix City)…practically neighbors! :mrgreen:

Well, it’s official…I’m blind as a bat! I didn’t see the sticky.

Thanks for the welcome!

It’s actually at the top of the General Knitting forum. I didn’t see at first which forum you posted in.

Welcome Hippygirl. I have been knitting since I was a child and that was many many years ago. Stopped off and on but lately I am back into it. Guess its those grandchildren and great grandchildren. :teehee: Love knitting socks.

I’ll have to remember to let you know if wet HL in Opelika starts up meeting again…

YOU ARE FROM SYDNEY,AUSTRALIA?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!:slight_smile: :waving: wow! I have always wanted to live in australia. What’s it like?

First off I wanted to say welcome to hippygirl! You are going to love it here! Also wanted to say hi to jra over there,(or should I say DOWN there), in Sydney. I’m relatively new here too, and like you, I’M REALLY NEW AT THE COMPUTER!! It’s so nice to finally know there’s another member out there that’s in the same boat as I am. Doesn’t take much to get me totally confused. I’d send you a private message so we could talk about our limited computer skills, but I’m not sure how you “retrieve” a PM. I’m assuming you send it the same way as an e-mail.(?) For now,let’s see if I can get this finished up correctly!:woot: Jeanie in TX

To send a pm, click on the person’s name and there’s a drop down menu with choices, one of which is ‘Send a private message to x’. To retrieve on, after you log in you’ll see the ‘private messages’ in red up at the top of the page, right under ‘Welcome, kittikins’. Click on that link and it takes you to your message box.

Thanks suzeeq! Dah. Why couldn’t I see that before?..plain as day, right in front of my nose! Maybe it’s because I don’t always log in. Seems I’m here a lot just browsing around.

There’s a lot on each page, and if you’re not logged in you don’t see some of the details.