New here, help needed please

Hi all,
my name is trace and i am 37 new member.
I am newish to knitting self taught and loving it. anyway i wondered if i could ask for some help please.

I have knitted a couple of small bits nothing big and got the hang of easier technics lol
anyway i thought i would be brave and knit my daughter a long cardigan coat. she has picked the wool etc. and i have started it.
My daughter is 9 and i have started the pattern on the 9/10 yrs size.
the problem i have is my daughter is a smaller 9 year old. so even though the chest size would fit the length and arms would be a tad too big.

can anyone help me on how i would knit a shorter arm length and back into the pattern. the pattern is just knit and purl basic till i know what i am doing lol

hope i dont sound too daft lol anyway help appreciated thankyou from trace x

Most arm patterns are worked by making the cuff, then the sleeve. The pattern will read something like this-“work till arm measures xx inches.” So you could just worker this part for fewer inches.

Another option is to leave them longer & fold up the cuff. That way she can grow a little & still have the sleeve fit.

Also, welcome to the Knitting Help forum!!

Is the body of the coat shaped at all or is it just straight form the cast on to the armhole shaping? If it is straight it is easy, just take out however much you want before you get to the armholes. For instance if it says to knit for 20 inches and you only want to knit 18 1/2" that is fine. If it is shaped you will need to figure out how to get from the amount of stitches you have now to the amount called for at the underarms in that distance. If it decreased evenly the whole length you would need to make your decreases closer together to have them all done. It is probably not super critical how you do it, but try to keep the same basic shaping they have in the original and keep track of what you did so you can do it the same way on the fronts.

Sleeves usually increase as they go up and you will need to recalculate how often to put the increases to have the number they give at the underarm, from there follow the pattern. Keep track and do both the same as closely as you can.