New Here and Tail length for CO allot of st?

Is there a quick video or someone please tell me best way to figure how long to make the tail when it asks to CO 144 st, for long tail cast-on?

UPDATE: I’VE RECEIVED ALLOT OF WONDERFUL IDEAS, SO THANK YOU ALL! Now How do I stop getting anymore, as I have all I need for now (since I’m new here)?

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Here’s a sure way not to run out of yarn for long tail cast ons:

You can use strands from both ends of the same ball of yarn, too.

I don’t have a “best way” to do it. I just guess and then start casting on. If it doesn’t come out right, I start all over!!

Not the greatest method but it works for me!!


Salmonmac: Thanks that’s great, but since I usually use only one ball of, wondering how hard it is not to get the yarn twisted when you keep pulling from the outside and inside?
(I know I could rewind skein into 2 balls, but that’s too much trouble, not to mention that most skeins are so small you end up having to join new yarn in the middle of your project and having to hide more ends in again.)

That doesn’t help if 100+ st. I know I can add-on a few more, saw videos of different methods, but the change seems to be easily visible even “knitting” extra st on.

You only pull from the inside and outside for the cast on. Then you cut one of the strands so there’s minimal twisting.

Another method is to wrap the yarn around the needle 10-20 times (just keep winding around the needle). Mark the ends, unwind, measure the length of yarn used and scale up to the number of sts needed to cast on. Maybe add 12" to be sure. It’ll be a good approximation of the yarn needed.

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It’s the outside yarn that seems to twist around inside yarn; anyway may try that wrap. Thks.

Well, that’s what I do no matter how many I have to cast on. I’ve cast on 223 sts this way.


I wrap the wool around the needle for as many times as the CO stitches are called for. Works like a charm.

Well, I’d say it also depends on which long tail method you use. My CO is long tail and certainly not the standard one. It takes more yarn.

Find what works for you with say 20 sts. Then when you have that figured, add a bit more for safety. My method.

Do what works for you.

Measure out yarn a length of 1” for every CO so if you need to CO 144 stitches, measure out 144 inches of yarn. You will have enough to CO 144 stitches using long tail method without running out of yarn before you have all your stitched cast on.

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Tks so much!

I’ve learned how much to CO using a certain size needle and measure it by, for mestrong text**** one arm of the chair to the other. And I put in a bit more. Better more than not enough. I’ve had it work up to 200 sts lately.

Find what works for you and do that.