New here and need help with pattern

Hi all, I am fairly new to knitting. I know how to do some basic things, but I am not sure how to follow this pattern and was hoping some of you could help me get on the right track. Here is how it reads:

(it is a scarf with hood)
Scarf:Cast on 33 sts. K in pattern for 23 inches(or desired lenght).
K2 inches in garter st.
Row 1-K 16,inc 1 next knitting in back and front of same st.,knit to end.
Row 2-Knit this and all even rows.
Row 3- Knit 18,inc. in next st., knit to end.
Row 5- Knit 20,inc. in next st.knit to end.
Continue in pattern as established until there are 40 stitches on needle.

My 1st question is at the very beginning- Cast on 33-(did that)
Knit in pattern for 23 inches??-don’t understand where and when to do this?
Next question is-Continue in pattern as established- ok- after row 5 do I knit row 6 and then got to Row 1 (knit 16(etc)?
Here is what I did and I am afraid it is wrong- I cast on my 33 stitches and knit 2 inches in garter stitch then did Row 1, Row 2 Row 3 Row 4, Row 5.
I’m sorry this is so long,but need some help understanding it

[color=red] This means to follow the pattern stated for 23 inches. The pattern down wehre it starts w/ Row 1…and so on and so forth. Basically they are giving the directions before the pattern which is a little weird–not the best way to write a pattern in my opinion. So for example if there are 6 rows of pattern then after you would repeat those 6 rows until the item was however many stitches long that it calls for.[/color]

[color=red] Row 1 becomes, row 6–yes, I think you are understanding that correctly. The only part I’m not sure of is the garter stitch and if I saw the actual spacing of the way it was written it might make more sense. As you have it written, if they are giving directions before the pattern the I would have assummed that the garter comes at the end but based on what it is (scarf w/ a hood) it makes more sense for the garter to be at the beginning b/c that would be the clingy part that holds to your head (like a brim/band) I guess.[/color]

[color=red] I think you’re on the right track but perhaps someone else will chime in and see what they think; this is just how I would interpret it. You are doing it as I would do it and I know that in the beginning it can be hard to tell how a pattern is taking shape. If you have other questions, PM me and I’ll see if I can help.[/color]

hi, this means you keep repeating rows 1 thru 5 until the piece measures 23 inches from top to bottom. i’m not clear why you knitted the 2 inches in garter stitch though.


I think the rows given below the instructions are just for the increases for the hood which looks like it’s garter stitch. Maybe that’s what the whole thing is. Do you have a link to the pattern or a picture of it?


Thanks Christy an Sarah, here is a link to the pattern, maybe it will help if you can look at the pattern.

Thanks so much,

There is a pattern stitch given, just above the CO instructions:

Pattern St: (Multiple of 11 sts).
Row 1: (K 2 tog) twice, * (yo, k 1) 3 times, yo, (k 2 tog) 4 times, repeat from * to end of row, ending k 2 tog twice.
Row 2: P
Rows 3, 4: K.

CO, then knit that for 23 inches, then do 2 inches in garter stitch and begin the increase rows for the hood which will also be in garter stitch. Do the decrease rows for the hood, 2 more inches in garter stitch then go back to the Pattern stitch to finish the other side of the scarf.


Thanks Sue, just to be sure I understand-Cast on , then follow the pattern stitchfor 23 rows, the 2’ garter, then I start my inc. row an then follow rest of pattern.

That’s right Connie; everything you need to do is in the instructions.


No, it’s not 23 rows, it’s 23 inches. That’s a big difference!

Your right Lisa, it is a big difference! I understood as 23 inches but typed it as 23 rows. Sorry for the confusion.