New here... and have a question

Hello everybody!

I am totally new at knitting. I am now pregnant, and decided to start making nice little things for the baby. I found a good website that showed most of what I need to know about knitting, and I am still learning, but there are no info. on how to follow patterns.

My question is… I am doing a small hat for the baby, and on the pattern, at some point, it says: Next row: P 0, * P2 tog; rep from * across -8 sts.

What I don’t understand is, the P 0. How can I Pearl 0??? Do I skip a stitch??? Don’t know what to do there…

Oh! And another question! It says in there: rep from * across -8. Well does that mean that I repeat the P2 tog for 8 sts???

Thanks for your help in advance!!!

uuuh…i have never seen P0…that seems silly but it could be slip a stitch…hrmmm

yes to the second part…i would say that means after you are done with those 8 stitches you will have 4. seem like a strange way to write the pattern though…

If this pattern is also for size medium and large, those sizes probably require you to purl 1, or 2. For the small, you don’t purl any so it says P 0. :slight_smile:

When it says repeat across-8 stitches, it usually means at the end of that row you have 8 stitches.