New here! And, has anyone ordered grab bags from Webs?

Hi all! I’m new here, but not a new knitter even though I’m not that experienced. I just got into the Knit One Below book (and I have already my eye on about half the patterns in it) and in looking for good yarn at inexpensive prices, I found Webs.

Has anyone ever ordered their grab bags, and if so, can you tell me if you were satisfied? I tried to google to find someone, and found one person’s blog where she took pictures, but half the yarn was on cones and looked somewhat itchy. I’m very curious about these grab bags, because I’d like to build my stash up, but itchy cone yarn didn’t seem worth it to me. I thought maybe she ordered the “standard” grab bag and not the more expensive (and therefore more luxurious one) one.

These grab bags look like great deals, stash builders. I don’t have a local yarn store but buy yarn at the Dollar Tree and Big Lots (when they have it) and have used Smileys several times which I like, but I’d like to branch out beyond Lion, Bernat, Patons and Red Heart, you know? Katia is definitely my favorite, but my AC Moore doesn’t carry that brand anymore and I’m constantly checking eBay.


It seems like a good idea to collect random stashes, but a lot of times you are gonna need more than one ball of yarn for a project. To me, it seems easier to just buy what I need for the project…and I usually over buy, and that’s how I create my stash.

What Chlorinated said :roflhard:

My friends think my stash is ridiculous until I show them some of the pictures here. I use plastic drawers I found at Volde-Mart for all of my knitting stuff, and I use several different totes when I bring my knitting along, depending on the size of the project.