New here and a quick question

Hello! I been knitting for several months now, and am doing some wool shorties (to cover cloth dipes) and while I have done this pattern before, it was with intense help from my knitting teacher. This time, the pattern has gone swimmingly (bcs I actually understand it! :happydance: ) but I have run into a problem, so I am hoping someone here can give me a quick answer. The shorties are knit in the round, and I have completed the first leg, which means I had to cut the yarn after I cast off. Now I am ready to do leg #2, but cannot for the life of me remember how to start the new yarn. The beginnings of the leg are still on the original needles, I need to move them to a smaller circumfrence, so basically I need to know how to start with a cut end of yarn so I can knit onto the smaller needles. Does this make sense? Sorry it is so long!!

click HERE to see Amy’s video on joining yarn… there are several different methods, about halfway down the page.


noooooooo problem! :thumbsup: