New. Hello. Rowan

In the plateau striped cardigan pattern I have come across in the shape armholes section this instruction —- patt 3, work etc. Next row — patt 3 work 2 tog tbl, patt to last 5 sts, work 2 tog, patt 3. Help!!! Deb

This one perhaps?

Patt 3 means work 3 stitches in whatever pattern you have already established through the rest of the pattern. It looks like this pattern has mostly stocking stitch with some purl row details. So, look at the fabric you have created an see where you are up to in the pattern, if it is a purl row then pattern 3 means purl 3, if it’s a knit row then it means knit 3.

Work 2 tog tbl is to work 2 stitches together through the back loop. This is a decrease. It uses up 2 stitches and creates 1 new stitch. If you are on a knit row k2togtbl. If on a purl row p2togtbl.
Do you know how to make these stitches?

Patt to last 5 stitches is to continue along your row and stop when you have 5 stitches left on your left needle, unworked. Then work 2 tog, if on a purl row this is p2tog, if on a knit row it is k2tog. The remainder of the row will be worked in pattern, either purl or knit as established in the row.

Does this help?
Please feel free to ask more until you are able to get through this part of your pattern.

Thank you. Makes sense. I am not at that point on my needles. I was reading ahead. If I’m stuck on it when I get to it I’ll take you up on seeking more help. Rowan patterns are always a little confusing to me. Thanks again. Deb

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