New hat pattern

I’m working on a new hat pattern and I’m a little confused at the increase part. This is what it is, I hope you can help. Do you increase a stitch every 18sts or do you increase a total of 18sts and if so how many sts do knit for every increase?

With circular needle, CO 90 sts. Place stitch marker and join without twisting. Work 4X2 rib for 5”
Next Row: K around, increasing 18 sts evenly. (108sts)

You increase by 18, but you have to space the increases out as evenly as you can over the round. I’m horrible at maths so I’m not sure if I can help work out how you should space them out!

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You will add 18 sts to the ones already in your row. Use this website:

They give you spaces to enter the number of sts you start with and the number you want to increase by. Yours will be “90” and “18”. Then the calculator tells you how to increase the sts evenly.



Awesome, thank you!!

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