New Guy with a Question

I started by making dishcloths. It’s a small project but you can finish fairly quick and see your handy work when you use them.

You should TOTALLY make washcloths and give them to everyone at Christmas!!! :cheering:

They are an AWSOME gift and you can learn stitches and have something useful to boot!!

When is your daughter gonna start learning? She could make washcloths too!! Ya’ll will have a whole boxfull before ya know it…(i do) They are great for when you need a last min gift too because you forgot it was someones birthday…(oops)

Wow…that just went on and on didnt it?:shrug:

Cant help it …I LOVE WASHCLOTHS…they are a great learning/teaching tool and they are useful…I make one when i want to knit but dont wanna think about it.

Im done now…Sorry.

If you make wash/dish cloths use cotton yarn. It’s available everywhere and comes in a multitude of colors.

Okay Dad, take a deep breath! Rome wasn’t built in a day and there were a lot of walls that fell down before it was finished! The best thing for you would be to drop into a knit shop when you have a minute. Your daughter would totally LOVE it and you would find yourself some hands on help. You are doing it correctly, it is just awkward when you first start. I know what you mean when the stitches appear farther apart, just keep putting those stitches on the needle and after the first row, it gets much much easier. I used to call my sister every time I cast on and did the first row because those dang stitches always had that link of yarn between them. I feel your pain! :knitting: