New Glampyre Pattern

I got the pattern, I want to knit it so bad but I need to find a good yarn sub! The yarn to make the small would cost $170 if you used the tilli tomas stuff lol.

That’s such a pretty sweater!

As far as the yarn sub goes, have you tried yarndex? (

I love the rust one. No yarn sub. suggestions, though. But I’ve bookmarked that page for me.

I’m going to knit this as well. I want to make the green one for my daughter. They are getting the pattern in at my LYS and once it gets here we are going to look for yarn. I’ve been eyeballing this pattern for a couple of months, I’m so glad its finally out!

I was thinking Dale Svale, but its a bit heavy… or hempathy…

WOW :inlove: I love it! AND it has larger sizes!!!


That is stunning! I’m in…WOW!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

I LOVE that pattern!!! :inlove: It is fabulous.

Oh I love it!

WOW!!! That design is simply stunning! :heart:

I’ll put it on my to-do-list and try and figure out what to do about that yarn price… 'Cause naturally I’ve fallen in love with the yarn too. By just looking at pictures… Hmmm…

Ooh, very pretty! I think I might knit this, once I have my to-do list shortened a bit. Since it says any worsted weight yarn will do, I figure I’ll have a hard time narrowing down my selection rather than finding a suitable yarn. :XX:

I’ve already fallen in love with that pattern too!
Of course I would have to substitute yarn…170$ :shock:

There’s a discussion about it on craftster here and on page 10 someone said that there are hints in the pattern as to what gauge the sub should be. I only read the first and last page, so there might be more hints and I think some knitters have already started knitting!

Love it too!! :cheering:

It’s on my list…

Ok- I’ve got the pattern … now I need to find some yarn!

I’m with you, Tab! Sooo many wonderful choices in worsted weight!

I’m so in on this after I finish my Lucky. This pattern is gorgeous! :inlove: :inlove:

Just in case anyone didn’t know, there is an error in the lace pattern.

Pattern correction at the bottom

Wow- I have yet to make a sweater- I have been worried about making it fit, but I absolutely love this. I’m thinking I’m going to have to wait a few weeks- I’m pretty much broke right now as we just got a couch, loveseat and new bed. Hopefully soon though! My husband doesn’t particularly like it, but I love it- he’ll live :slight_smile:

I got my yarn today!!! Andean Silk Leaf. It is dreamy soft. :inlove: I won’t cast on until next week, though.

Thanks for the heads-up re the correction, Friskums! :heart:

ETA: The yarn announcement is more fun if it includes porn, right? :doh:


Nice! And nice DPNs to add to the collection! :cheering:

Hey, what about Berroco Softwist??. It’s 5 sts=1". I have a buttload of that for the Hourglass sweater, but I could redirect? :shrug: