New Foundation

I’m starting a foundation for kids with disabilities. It seems that there are a lot of organizations out there that do that- but we are different!
I have a facebook page for the foundation. Its called Courtland’s Hope. Courtland is my son’s name- he has a rare form of cerebral palsy. This foundation is not just for kids with cp but for children who dont have a diagnosis. My son did not have a diagnosis for a long time and it was hard to get help.
The purpose of Courtland’s Hope is to help families by paying for expensive medical equipment and/or bicycles. (A bicycle for a disabled child can cost up to $2000.00) This is just the beginning of the things we are doing. Eventually, we will have a centre and have family with family mentoring, and family/marriage counselling available too. We believe inn keeping families strong and together through difficult times. My husband is working on building us a website and we are still in process, but hoping to recieve our charitable status in Canada by the end of 2012.
This endeavor is close to my heart and I just wanted to share. I hope you will come visit our facebook page. God bless you all!

I’ll certainly be praying for your charity work; please post a link when you get your website up and running!

God Bless!

Please find us at
Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!

Just got our business cards today -they are so awesome! I’m also thinking that I’ll call the government to bug them about getting our charitable status right away. I think they’ll move on this faster if I pester them a bit!
Just wanted to give you all an update. We held the first fundraiser for Courtland’s Hope on Saturday July 28. It was a hotdog/ pop sale. (Those of you who dont know, pop is soda!) The fundraiser was to purchase a bicycle for a child in our community who also has cerebral palsy. Just under 1000 was raised and we were able to get the bike for him! We have a really generous town and we are so glad we could help.
Never think that you cant make a difference in the world- YOU CAN!
I have put in a link to our webpage and you can also find us on Facebook at Courtland’s Hope Foundation. Thanks
and Thank you for your prayers and God bless each of you !

Yay, that is so exciting! Don’t have access to Facebook, but have been thinking of you and your endeavours. You’re a really wonderful person to think so much of others.