New Forum category! --"What'cha Knittin'?"

In general, as you all know, I resist creating new forum categories. I like to have a small forum, one that is somewhat possible to “keep up” with.

But as many of you have told me, it’s getting near impossible to keep up with and REPLY to posts on the enormous FO thread! So, I’ve decided the time has come!

We now have a new forum, specifically for chatting about what you’re knitting, or have finished knitting!

Happy posting! :cheering:

:happydance: :happydance:

Remember amy if you ever need helo with things… we are always here to help ya out… delgate some tasks out :slight_smile: We love to help ouet…

Okay… well I do … and Im bored at work most times… so… there

Way cool!

Amy, in the new forum section for FOs, I can’t view the pictures if I’m not logged in. I remember this happening when you set up some of the other newer sections a while ago, so just wanted to bring it up!

Great idea, too! :thumbsup:

I just want to say that I think this new category is working out great! Everyone’s things have their own spotlight, and we won’t miss anything or think we’re up to date when we’re not. Thanks again!

Glad y’all like it! :happydance:

MER! Thanks for the heads up!!! I forgot I have to specify those things!..
Amy runs off to change settings on the new forum

Ames, while you are looking at it, my moderator settings arent on, either. I cant edit, merge, etc anything. OMG WHAT IF WE HAVE A MERGING CRISIS!!! :shock: