New Forum categories

I’ve just added a couple of new forum categories, and may be adding more.

I welcome suggestions for more categories. I will be keeping them to a minimum, so we don’t feel scattered.

Please bear with me as I continue to tweak this site!


Maybe a catagory just for questions/advice (knitting related of course)? I was just about to ask a ? on here and didn’t really know where to put it. For now i think i will just start a dumb questions thread under general knitting.

Thanks for the suggestion, Amigarabita!

I thought about that, and decided to keep the questions in with the main category. I’m trying to keep as few categories as possible. I’ve been on boards where there was just one category, and I liked the cozy feel of it. I think too many categories can scatter the group, where the newbies only hang out in the questions forum, and the old timers prefer the other forums. This way, we all get to know each other, and share the main forum in common, and then the questions will get answered by everyone.

Also, I figure most posts are going to be questions anyway. I think this is the heart of the forum, and keeping it centrally located just feels right.

By all means, post your questions to the “General Knitting” forum! It’s really what it’s there for!
:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Great to have you on board! Keep the posts coming! :wink: