New fall yarn

I wanted to make myself a shawl with some fall colors, so I just picked up some worsted weight yarn. I searched around for something that might inspire me to use this new yarn in a shawl, but nothing seems to be right for it. The variegated yarn (in my opinion) seems to be center stage and doesn’t show up anything really detailed. I tried some different stitches including cables (which I thought for sure would look great), but they seem to get lost in the color changes.

I have some matching yarn in the forest green, pumpkin, brown, and burgundy colors in this yarn…can I do maybe a rectangular shawl with the variegated yarn, and then put panels of the solid yarn in between with a cable pattern? Or would that not look right? I’m stumped as to what I can do. I really like the colorway of this yarn, but I don’t know what to make with it, and I didn’t want to do a plain garter or stockinette shawl because I think I’ll be bored senseless knitting it.

I’d tend to make the open weave carry bag type items. The colour stream would look good in that sort of thing. You can make things like that to put Christmas presents in. Save our trees and add another item to the gift :slight_smile:

Nice colors? Do you mind me asking what brand/colorway that yarn is?

I’m in the middle of an afghan utilizing a somewhat similar colorway (Red Heart ‘Farmland’) but, if I had it to start over again, I’d use a nicer-feeling yarn. My afghan utilizes cables and such in that colorway, with panels of warm beige and embroidered leaves in individual colors represented in the colorway. (I’ll have to post a pic at some point . . . )


Try double moss.

I’m knitting my DD a sweater in DM and it looks wonderful. Give a very interesting texture and with the variagted yarn in her sweater it looks fantastic. In fact on the back it looks almost argyle.

Double moss is to K1, P 1 across the row. Then on the return row/next row you need to knit your P1’s and purl the K1’s of the previous rows. For the third row you need to do the opposite of the first row, so P1, K1 across the row. For the fourth row, K the purls and P the knits.

Looks great :slight_smile: Then for variety, the sweater has a band of stocking stitch along the edges, about 2 inches wide and about 2 inches into the ‘fabric’ of the sweater.


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I won’t use Red Heart. It’s too rough. If you need something that isn’t expecsive but feels good , try Vanna’s Choice! :thumbsup: Feels great to me. :knitting:


Yes, I’ve checked out Vanna’s choice, and for an acrylic, it IS soft. Much softer than what I’m using.

Alas, that yarn wasn’t made when I started this project. Also, I was attracted to the colorway. I DO think Red Heart has some nice colorways . . . it’s just the feel of that Super Saver material. Also, I’m over 1/3 of the way through this massive project, and have all the Red Heart needed for it, so . . . the way it feels, I think it will last 1,000 years!

Thanks for the post, SuanMarie1956!

Thanks, Songbirdy! This is a reversible stitch too, isn’t it? I knew this yarn needed some kind of texture, but I just couldn’t get it right. The yarn is really pretty but has a lot going on with it with regards to color, so I didn’t want to do anything really complicated and have all of that time and effort be “wasted” if you can’t really even notice it. I think this is just the kind of pattern that will work great with the yarn! Would you cast on an even number of stitches for this pattern or an odd number?

City, the yarn is Red Heart’s TLC Essentials in “Falling Leaves”. I don’t have a LYS so I frequent Joanns, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby for my yarn. I like Red Heart’s colorways too, and I like that their variegated yarns’ patterns are random and not striped (everybody else looks good in stripes but not me! :verysad:). About your yarn–you’d be surprised at what happens after you wash it. I was really nervous about a baby blanket that I did for a friend using Caron’s “One Pound” yarn. The yarn felt like cardboard in my fingers, and I was so upset, but I had to be budgeted for that project, so I decided to just stick it out and finish the project no matter what because I couldn’t buy other yarn for it. When I washed it, it got so soft–I was amazed! It was like two totally different yarns. If I would’ve knitted a little gauge swatch and washed and dried it before I started the project, I would’ve been totally relaxed while knitting that project (and motivated too…that darned yarn kept me so upset the whole project that I didn’t want to touch it most days). I used the Super Saver for a small part of a Fair Isle project I knitted, and when I washed it, it felt just as soft as the surrounding yarn, so I think your afghan will be fine.

I say go for a stitch pattern that is more solid movement of the larger fabric as opposed to textured stitches. That way you’ll still have something interesting to knit but the stitch pattern won’t be ‘confused’ by the varigated colourway.

You could try a basketweave stitch.

For something a bit more challenging, how about Ivy from BW. The pattern will show off the colourway since the overall stitch pattern leads to movement of the overall fabric.

DM is reversible.

The sweater I am knitting has the back cast on in an odd number of stitches and the front (cardigan style) halves are an even number of sts cast on.

I have to say that since I knitted the back first… I’m having to really watch ‘what’ I’m doing.

I took the time to take some pictures. I’ll do a WIP and link it here. I basically just took pictures of all my knitting from last month. And there is an example in the pictures of why you sometimes need to follow RS WS like the pattern says…

I just finished a baby sweater in a solid color in this stitch. I love it! Well, I don’t love that I can’t purl in the continental style, so I did the whole thing in the English style and my shoulder was unhappy before it was finished.

But I think the variegated yarn would look nice in that stitch. I may have to try it myself after I’ve had a break from it and either my shoulder is happier or I’ve figured out how to purl continental style. :roll:

I uploaded the pictures, much to my kids dismay… but I did promise them we’ll walk to the hot dog ‘dude’ for lunch if they waited.


Here you go: My WIP’s

Oh…your sweaters are just [B][U]BEAUTIFUL:inlove:[/U][/B]!!! Your kids are so lucky!!! That cable sweater looks [I][U]hard[/U][/I] (and now I feel inadequate :hiding::teehee:) I think I’d wait until my kids were done growing to make a sweater like that…I’d be so heartbroken when they outgrew it! The variegated pink looks really pretty with that double moss stitch. I’m going to do a few swatches with this yarn with the suggested stitch patterns to see what looks best–thanks everybody! :cheering:

A good bribe works wonders for kids…I do that sometimes when I have to run a lot of errands and it works great (keeps the kids good until the end of the running around). Have a “Chicago style dog” for me…hot dogs sound [I][U]great[/U][/I] right about now! :mmm: