New eBay ad

Has anyone seen the new holiday ad for Ebay on TV? It took me by surprise the 1st time I saw it that I actually gasped out loud and those in the room with me started chuckling.

The 1st thing the guy says is, something like “Nobody wants a handmade gift?!” He acts like getting handmade is like getting a the plague. Makes me so mad, especially since I’m usually working on a gift when I see it. How Rude…that’s why I have gotten to “picky” about who deserves my handmade love.

:tap: Oh yeah, I’d rather have somebody’s “[I]Let’s sell it on eBay[/I]” reject. :nails:

Rofl @ what Ingrid said XD

I was actually quite insulted by this article:

THEY SAID “Fair Isle explosions” >: (

Like it was a BAD thing!

And I thought Kathy Griffin looked great in her “slutty Santa” dress.And I mean…does that even count?She’s a comedian.She obviously did it for laughs :frowning:

PS:Sting’s sweater was amazing!In fact…I’m gonna look for a similar pattern.

I know right…I’m not into Fair Isle, but I know it takes alot of patience and care to knit it.

I’m in the process of knitting my sister a lace stole for christmas and she’s already seen it and thinks its amazing. But then I come from a family who doesn’t care about how much you spent and cares more about how much effort you put into it.

Last year for christmas my sister made a DVD of pictures of us from our childhood, set to my mother’s, father’s, sister’s and I’s favorite older songs. It was the best present she’s ever gotten me, and it cost her nothing.

I really think this article just exemplifies how much of a disgustingly consumerist society we’ve become. I’d rather someone made the effort than spent the money. Its more important and I think it actually gets at the heart of why we give gifts when you make something for someone.

I have to agree with trvvn5, something that someone put some thought and effort into is much more precious to me than something with a return policy attached to it.

Hi! :waving:

Years ago I shot myself in the foot on this subject! For many seasons I’d make gifts for the family, along with buying a few things if the recipient had a particular thing on his or her wish list. But no matter what, they’d all get something hand-made.

One year I got a late start and simply couldn’t get everything done in time so I bought some things to fill in where I couldn’t get the hand made items completed.

What sad faces that created! It was almost a feeling that they weren’t really loved as much if they didn’t get something hand-made. And these were grown ups (more or less…:slight_smile: ) not children. So I made sure to finish up the hand made stuff and even though they didn’t receive them until past Christmas, they were all reassured.

Now I knit and crochet all through the year for both family and friends.

Don’t underestimate the power of a gift you’ve made lovingly with your own hands. And Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Happy Knitting,
Ruthie :hug:

I don’t like anything that makes fun of knitting, but I gotta say that many of those outfits in the link Meow posted were pretty bad. Kathy Griffin looked like a ho that popped out of a Christmas cake IMO. :shrug:

She did!! :roflhard: :roflhard:

I about cried when i first saw it and thought…i wonder if all the people on my list think that way?? I always make something for everyone and that got me wondering??? I told my husband about it and he said…“Melissa, Its a commercial. People LOVE your gifts.”

So I felt better and kept knitting…LOL

I too agree with trvvn5. Which is why I knit all thro the year to make sure Ive covered everyone on my list.

:roflhard: Ingrid, too funny but very true in my thoughts too.