New Doll in my collection

Introducing Kaeli “doll” made for my 13 yr old grandaughter who is now Kaeli “girl”.

This is my fifth doll. Kaeli girl saw 2 yr old Yael and Aaron dolls and said “I want one too grandma!” She wanted hers to be wearing a bikini. So she has that plus jeans and sandals, and a sewn and embroidered jean jacket. Otherwise she is knit from head to toe, as are her bathing suit and jeans.
She also has beaded earrings, and bracelet and a beaded choker with her name on it. I had a lot of fun making this doll. She also has purple/red streaks in her brown hair! Just like a real teenager!

That’s really nice! I bow to your awsome knitting skills :notworthy:

dear Dream weaver, thanks for your kudos. Much appreciated.
I am a relatively new knitter (one year)…never made sox, except for the dolls and they are easy.
Will look for your work.


So cute. Love the bikini and purple polish! The dolls must be so much fun to personalize.

How wonderful!

that is just so neat!!! my Kayleigh might need one too! Love the neat spelling of Kaeli- very pretty. love the bikini and purple toes…

Did you come up with the pattern for the doll? I love her hair! :cheering: :notworthy:

Question: What size needles did you use? I think I can create a pattern to make one of these for my dd, but I have the worst time with stuffing things…

So, what size needle, and what kind of yarn?


OMG~ :notworthy:

Thanks again all. The sources for the patterns are listed in an earlier post of mine (page 2 of Whatcha Knitting? under Knit Dolls by LMC…) along with my other dolls I’ve knitted.

No, I didn’t create the patterns, just the embellishments are mine. I look at photos of my grandkids and hightlight or try to, their characteristics. Kaeli has big blue eyes, and full pink lips for instance. One photo she sent me of herself wearing a green bikini, one with some what looked like purple/red streaks in her hair…you get the picture! (She is a beautiful girl and the doll does not do her justice…but is a characture of her) Today I added a tiny piece of rolled aluminum foil for a nose piercing! I’ll have to mail her soon. Want to put her in a cute box nessled in colored tissue!

I like the spelling of your Kayleigh too! (As a teen I thought of changing my Lynn to Leigh! :teehee:

The pattern calls for sizes M or No. 1 or No. 12 (2.75mm) needles for the body/head and arms/legs pieces. I think I used a size 2 because my set doesnt have a 1. The yarn for the doll I used is baby yarn. For the clothes I used a lot of Lion Brand Woolese. That’s a good weight.

As I mention in my earlier posts I’ve used two different patterns for the dolls and this one is the best in my opinion as the neck is made in such as way that it does not let the head flop over. Stuffing is easy. I just stuffed as I went while sewing up the seams. Again, used more stuffing for the little kid dolls (fatter tummies) and less for the teen (who probably worries about her weight!)

I glued the hair on this doll. I’ve sewn it on some of the others.

OMG! Well done! You are so talented!

I haven’t started mine yet. I’m trying to finish a few projects. I’ll get to that soon.


Thanks so much Estrella! Your words mean a lot. You are the talented one!
This was a fun doll. She got her nose piercing today at noon! A tiny ball of alumunium foil (from yesterday’s burrito!) :roflhard: glued on, looks cute. Now Kaeli doll is done.

Looking forward to your next doll!

On to my next!

Happy Knitting All :muah: