New, Dishcloths help

My mom picked me up a dish cloths with the knook book. Can someone tell me what these directions mean? I am new to knooking.

I know how to do rows 1-7,

but after that it says:

row 8 and wrong side rows through 56: K5 (which I assume mean knit 5), P24, (I assume is purl 24), then K 5 again. But what does row 8 and wrong side rows mean?

I have to say first that I’ve never used a knook. If the abbreviations are the same as for knitting with needles, then yes, K = knit and P = purl. In knitting one side is designated the right side and the other is the wrong side, the pattern will usually tell you which is which. Based on the way it is worded I think that Row 8 is a WS row and that would mean all even numbered rows are WS rows. That’s a guess.

There are other knookers (is that word? LOL) out there, has anyone started a site for you? Maybe the manufacturer has some help available? I know there are some videos on youtube and you might find some help there. A few other knookers (I’ve decided it is a word) have asked questions here, maybe they’ll see this and you can all get together to figure things out.

Best of luck to you.