"New Directions in Fair Isle Knitting" Patty Knox

Did you ever get a library book and want to rush right down to the library and tell them you lost it and pay for it so you could keep it FOREVER??
[size=2][/size][color=red][/color][color=red][size=2]and i am a librarian [/size][/color]:oops:

We have an amazing public library system. I can search the on line catalog, find a book, click and they deliver it right to my front door. I can even renew it on line and when I am finished just drop it off at the nearest branch. Because of this system, I am sure the librarians have had to dig into the deepest depths of some shelves for some pretty old knitting books, because I check them ALL out, just to “see”.

Anyway … the main thing I want to learn this year is to knit with color, especially fair isle. Yesterday I got these three books copyright in the 1980’s. All three of them have a ton of information and patterns.

“The Complete Book fo Traditional Fair Isle Knitting” by Sheila McGregor
"Michael Pearson’s Traditional Knitting - Aran, Fair Isle and Fisher Ganseys"
“New Directions in Fair Isle Knitting” by Patty Knox

Actually, I will search Amazon.com and purchase them used :angelgrin: … but they would be [size=6]mine[/size] so much quicker if I could keep these …

Weird, I have the same problem, different books though…
Easy afghans : 50 knit and crochet projects
Hollywood knits style : a guide to good knitting and good living by Suss Cousins
Alterknits : imaginative projects and creativity exercises by Leigh Radford

The Easy Afghans has the most adorable baby blanket with fuzzy little sheep on it! I don’t even have a baby, but as soon as I find out I’m pregnant, I’m starting it! :wink:
I’ve picked out tons of other projects from the other two books. The Hollywood book even has recipes and “crafternoon” type ideas!! So much fun! My husband laughs at me because I “read” my knitting books over and over, he just doesn’t get me looking at the pictures, and reading about the yarns, etc etc. :smiley:
But he is definitely my biggest fan! :happydance:

I’m glad you let your conscience be your guide!! I was a volunteer in our local library, and there was a woman who renewed a certain cook book every two weeks for years. I was tempted to buy her her own copy.

Knitting books are popular at the library! I’ve had 3 on hold since before Christmas!

Our local library has a pitiful selection of knitting books…so I just go to Dotmom’s library…she requests some good ones. :thumbsup:

(Yay for interlibrary loan!)

I search at our online catalog and it covers the entire county! Only costs me a quarter a book, too. Wish those dang books would come in! :wink: