New Design - Angelia's "Cat's Paw" Socks

I’m not really a designer, you know, but I try.

Angelia wanted to claim the socks I made for my Mom, so I have started making some just for her.

I did some research, reading her KH blog as well as her other blog, and chose pink as the color for her personalized socks.

After some consideration, I have decided to embark into true “design world” and make my first sock pattern, using the Angelia-appropriate “Cat’s Paw Lace” design on the leg. Neat-O!

So far, I’m still doing the ribbing, because I’m using size 1 needles. This is going to be a LONG project. But, the vintage baby wool wouldn’t work right with size 2 needles. So, that’s that.

they’re gonna look great! Don’t give up! :thumbsup:

They’re going to be fabulous! That’s really sweet of you!

Oh, Sandy, how exciting! Designing socks is FUN, FUN, FUN!!! You are so sweet to do this. You are going to LOVE them on size 1’s, too. That’s my fave socknitting needle size, too :wink:
I can’t wait to see them…I love the pink :thumbsup:

Those are going to be beautiful!

How fun - I love the name and it does fit Angelia perfectly! :happydance:

Thanks for the encouragement! I’ve never designed socks before, so this will be a good experience for me.

I just finished the first set of “cat’s paws”.

I decided to switch to size 2 needles at the lace portion to make it more lacy.

:blush: Aw!!! :heart: :heart:

Yeah. Ain’t I just the sweetest thang? :angelgrin:

Yes!!! :heart:

Oh, dang, now you’re gonna make me want to knit socks too! Those look so inviting and comfy.

That’s so sweet, Shandeh!!! :heart:

Ooooooh, I love kitties toooooo!

Lookin good! :thumbsup:

Well, dagnab it! I had to frog it all last night, because the lace section was HUGE. (I don’t think Angelia has legs as big as a linebacker) :rollseyes:

Soooo, I have decided to reduce the cast on number, and add a nylon thread to carry along to make the yarn thicker. I think it will give the socks a bit more body as well. :thumbsup:

I’ll post different photos when I get at least an inch done.