New color in "the round"

Wow…I just went blank…(been working on a blanket for 6 months now) I forgot how to join a “new” color when working in the round…Just had to try my hand at that cool stocking hat (Whatcha knitting)…Do I just start knitting with the new color? What about “ladders”…:aww:

Leave a tail (6" or so) and just start knitting. It will leave a gap, but you can fix that when you weave in the tail. I sometimes tie the two tails together loosely while I’m knitting. It holds that annoying hole together, too.

I wouldn’t worry about ladders if you don’t have them now.

Thank you for asking. It makes me feel better. You do such beautiful work, and it helps to know that someone as experienced as you sometimes draws a blank. :slight_smile:

You may already using this trick to avoid jogs when you change colors but just in case:

…Thank you, you are too kind:heart:

Yes, you are right, I have used this many times…thanks for "jogging my memory!!