New charitable knitting opportunity

Hi, I just found out about this charitable knitting opportunity. Please read this article:…
The woman organizing this lives in The Dalles, Oregon on the Columbia Gorge and this is the town where I grew up. According to the article she and a few others have been plugging away at providing warm clothing to needy children in The Dalles and surrounding small towns for 10 years. She has no web site and very little publicity.
My mother asked me about donating unwanted yarn, which I will do. She did contact the woman in charge and she will take “anything” though easy care is preferable. She will also take knitted items. Only one person in the group knows how to make mittens. So I am going to make some. Her target age group seems to be around 3 and up through Head Start, but I imagine sometimes there are younger siblings in need.
If you would like to contribute, either yarn or knitted items please send me a private message, I will find out from my mom if there is a place things can be mailed. Or you can mail them to me and I will get them delivered. My parents will be visiting me around Nov 21st and I will be going to The Dalles at Christmas.

(I also posted this over at Ravelry)